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Mother and Daughters Working Together

Alternative Home Health Care shines the spotlight on a special family who share passion for caregiving When it comes to caring for others, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for Alternative Home Health Care’s hardworking mother-daughter trio, Olive Gonzalez, Vernesta Knight and Shasona Gonzalez.  All three women share a passion for helping people…

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Taking Care of Yourself is the Best Way to Help Others

New Year’s tips to help caregivers stay healthy and effective in 2017 The phrase “You can’t pour from an empty cup” speaks volumes about the importance of taking care of yourself before you can take care of others, particularly if you are the primary caregiver for children or elderly parents and have other responsibilities that…

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Home For The Holidays

Warning signs that an aging parent may need help The holidays are a special time for families to reconnect.  Whether a month or a year has passed since your last visit, it is important to discretely take note of your elderly parent’s physical, emotional and mental health.  Subtle changes in their home, appearance and behavior…

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Tips on Bathroom and Shower Safety

However, without proper preparation, your loved one’s home also can be surprisingly dangerous, especially in their bathrooms. Bathrooms can be very dangerous because of their slippery surfaces and lack of items to hold onto for support and balance. These factors greatly increase the chances for fall-related injuries ranging from minor cuts, scrapes and bruises to…

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