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Should Your Parent Have Home Care When Living with You?

Home Care in Pinecrest FL

As a family caregiver you are committed to giving your elderly parent the care, support, and encouragement that they need to live the highest quality of life possible as they age in place. While mostHome-Care-in-Pinecrest-FL adults would prefer to go through their later years in the homes where they have spent the last years or even decades, this is not always possible. You may have noticed that your senior loved one is dealing with challenges and limitations that are too much for them to handle on their own, or that they need more care than they are receiving in their current living situation. You may have also considered that their finances are not what they used to be and they may benefit from downsizing. Whatever the reason, if your elderly parent is moving out of their home and transitioning into living with you and the rest of your family, a question you may be considering is whether your parent should continue to have home care.

It is easy to think that because your parent is coming to live with you that they no longer need care. After all, they will be at such close proximity to you and the other members of your family that it would seem redundant to have an in-home senior care services provider with your senior. This, however, is not the case. Arranging for your elderly loved one to still have care when they transition into living in your home ensures that they are able to get everything that they need at all times while you can still focus on the other obligations in your life.

Your parent transitioning into living in your home will eliminate you needing to go to their home to care for them, but it will not eliminate the care tasks that they need. Keeping up with their home care arrangement allows for these tasks to be completed effectively while preserving your family’s routine, providing for the privacy needs of your loved one and your core family unit, and ensuring that the proper boundaries remain in place to preserve your relationship moving forward.

If you have noticed that your aging parent is dealing with challenges and limitations that threaten their ability to live independently or stay safe, healthy, and comfortable in their home, now may be the ideal time for you to consider starting home care for them. An in-home senior care services provider can devise a course of care, support, and assistance tailored specifically to the individual issues that your aging parent is facing while also taking into consideration their personality, preferences, and goals. This means that they can stay safe, healthy, and comfortable while also enjoying the lifestyle and quality of life that they desire and deserve. The support and personalized care that this provider can give to your parent during challenging times in their life, such as when they are transitioning into a new home, can be invaluable in preserving your parent’s mental and emotional health and protecting their physical health and well-being.


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Zachary Desmond, Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator at Alternative Home Health Care
Zach Desmond began working with Alternative Home Health Care in September of 2013. In his role as Executive Administrator (EA), Zach is responsible for the overall direction of the organization and high level strategy that aligns with the company’s overall mission, vision, and values.

Zach brings to Alternative 10 years of healthcare operations, sales, finance, and “turn around” experience, having led multiple home health care locations across five states to profitability and sustainability. His history of improving customer service, work flow design, and operational efficiencies along with bottom line profitability has earned him awards and recognition a top performer. Zach realized early on in his career that he felt a true connection to caring for those who need help and ensuring they received the highest quality of care available.

Zach received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Zach resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, three dogs, one cat and stays very involved in his local community.

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