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On Time Reliability –Our Clockwork System

In our on-going effort to ensure our client’s satisfaction, we use a proprietary time tracking system for our employees. It promotes on-time reliability and assures accurate tracking of hours worked for automation of our billing and payroll processes. It allows for efficient communications between our caregivers in the field and office staff in times of emergencies such as a hurricane or natural disaster.  Most importantly, this system allows for improved customer service in a “real-time” environment to ensure our caregivers arrive on time.

How does it work?

When our employee arrives to work in your home, they will use your phone to call into our computer. Once they phone in, the computer notes that they have arrived at work. After the visit has ended, and prior to leaving your home, they will call into the computer once again to confirm the visit is finished. They will also punch in some numeric codes to record the tasks they performed while in your home.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with Alternative’s superior level of service and taking the worry out of home health care.

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