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National Public Health Week

Caregiver in Boca Raton FL

April 4 through 10 is National Public Health Week. As a family caregiver for an elderly adult, this is a unique opportunity for you to find out more about health and the impact of the community onCaregiver-in-Boca-Raton-FL your senior. This week is specifically designed to recognize the important efforts of public health workers and programs. In the context of your care relationship, it is a chance for you to find out how these programs influence your loved one’s health and what you can do to improve it further.

It is important to note that public health is not just about preventing the spread of germs and controlling illness. Health is about all of the different aspects of wellbeing and finding ways to support those in daily life. There are many ways that you and your loved one can get involved in public health issues, both for her own benefit and for the benefit of others throughout the community.


Let some of these ideas inspire you for ways that you can get involved during National Public Health Week:

  • Start reading labels. Some of the biggest public health pushes in history have revolved around food labels. The information contained on these labels is intended to help guide consumers in making decisions about the foods that are right for them and their needs. Make sure that you are reading the labels of all of the foods that you purchase for your loved one. Get familiar with nutritional information and the names of ingredients. If you see symbols or abbreviations that you do not understand, look them up. This will help you to make more informed, confident choices.
  • Be aware of food deserts. Does your parent live in a food desert? This term is used to describe areas where there is no easy and convenient access to a place where residents can purchase healthy food. People living in these areas may not have reliable transportation and so are forced to subsist primarily on delivery food and food that they can source from convenience stores and corner shops. This puts millions of people, including a large number of seniors, at serious risk of malnourishment. Recognize if your loved one lives in one of these areas and take steps to overcome the stresses associated with it.
  • Make a difference. Work with your loved one to give back to the community and help those who struggle to get the nutrition that they need on a regular basis. Volunteering at the food bank is fantastic for social interaction and giving your parent an emotional boost. It also helps to ensure that more families will have access to healthy, reliable food.
  • Support a healthy lifestyle. Is your parent’s community designed to support a healthy lifestyle? Look around and find features that encourage active living, such as bicycle trails, public parks, outdoor exercise equipment, or public pools. If these do not exist, find ways that you can influence decision-makers to implement these changes throughout the community.


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Zachary Desmond, Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator at Alternative Home Health Care
Zach Desmond began working with Alternative Home Health Care in September of 2013. In his role as Executive Administrator (EA), Zach is responsible for the overall direction of the organization and high level strategy that aligns with the company’s overall mission, vision, and values.

Zach brings to Alternative 10 years of healthcare operations, sales, finance, and “turn around” experience, having led multiple home health care locations across five states to profitability and sustainability. His history of improving customer service, work flow design, and operational efficiencies along with bottom line profitability has earned him awards and recognition a top performer. Zach realized early on in his career that he felt a true connection to caring for those who need help and ensuring they received the highest quality of care available.

Zach received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Zach resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, three dogs, one cat and stays very involved in his local community.

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