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Caring for an Elderly Loved One with Psoriasis

Elderly Care in Boca Raton FL

Psoriasis is an uncomfortable and irritating skin condition that can affect elderly adults.  In some cases, it doesn’t occur until an adult is older.  However, other elderly adults may have been Elderly-Care-Boca-Raton-FLdealing with psoriasis for most of their lives.  Psoriasis typically causes red patches of inflamed skin on certain parts of the body as well as fingernail, toenail, and scalp problems.  As with any chronic health condition, elderly adults who suffer from psoriasis have unique needs.  Caregivers can help their elderly loved one manage this often painful and irritating condition by taking a few things into consideration.  Here are a few tips for caregivers who have an elderly loved one with psoriasis:


Know the Triggers

Psoriasis does not affect every individual in the same way.  In fact, everyone with psoriasis reacts slightly different to the condition.  What doctors do know, however, is that psoriasis can be aggravated by certain triggers.  When exposed to these triggers, elderly adults with psoriasis can have a “flare-up” or worsened symptoms.  Caregivers should be aware of these triggers and help their loved one to avoid them.  Some common triggers include stress, infections, cold or dry weather, certain medications, smoking and alcohol, and skin injuries.


Take Care When Bathing

It is very important for caregivers of elderly adults with psoriasis to take extra special care when helping their loved one bathe.  Make sure they do not stay in the water too long or use water that is hot as these habits can dry out their already sensitive skin.  Caregivers may also encourage their loved one to bathe every other day instead of every day.  After a shower or a bath, it is important for psoriasis sufferers to moisturize the skin with a gentle moisturizer.


Follow the Treatment Plan

Caregivers can help their loved ones follow through with the treatment plan outlined by the doctor.  This includes helping them take any oral medications properly as well as applying any prescribed topical creams and ointments according to the doctor’s instructions.


Spend Time in the Sun

Exposing areas of the body affected by psoriasis to natural sunlight is a great natural way to relieve symptoms.  Caregivers should help their loved one get out in the sun on a regular basis, while also protecting other areas of their skin with a sunscreen of 30 SPF or higher.


If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Boca Raton, FL, please contact the caring staff at Alternative Home Health Care today. Call (954) 622-0588.



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