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What to Pack When Your Parent Heads to the Hospital for Heart Surgery

Elder Care in Aventura FL

If your elderly parent has been suffering from cardiovascular concerns their doctor might have recommended that they undergo heart surgery. This type of procedure can make a tremendous Elder-Care-in-Aventura-FLdifference in your parent’s health and their ability to maintain a better quality of life throughout their later years. In order for your parent to make the most of this type of procedure it is important that you prepare properly and give them support that they need. Part of this is making sure that they have what they need while they are in the hospital. You should discourage your elderly parent from wearing jewelry or bringing valuables along with them when they go to the hospital for their surgery.


Items that you should pack for your elderly loved one when they head to the hospital for heart surgery include:

  • Pajamas or a nightgown that is comfortable and familiar, preferably one that is easy to get into and out of
  • Bathrobe for warmth and modesty
  • Slippers and socks for warmth and comfort
  • Comfortable clothing to wear if they will be undergoing rehabilitation or physical therapy during their stay in the hospital
  • Toiletries. Maintaining their hygiene and grooming will help your parent to feel more comfortable and maximize their recovery time while they are in the hospital. Pack the types of toiletries that they usually use at home, including toothbrush, toothpaste, comb or brush, deodorant, and lotion.
  • Personal assistance items. Be sure to bring along items that your parent might need for their daily functioning, including their dentures, contacts, glasses, or hearing aids. Bring along any additional items that they might need to use these effectively, including cleaning solutions or chargers.
  • Entertainment. Your parent might spend a few days in the hospital after their surgery. Having entertainment with them can make this time go by more smoothly and allow them to focus more on their recovery. Puzzle books, paperbacks, and even adult coloring books are ideal.


If your aging loved one will be undergoing heart surgery in the near future, now is the ideal time for you to consider starting elder care for them. Heart surgery is a major event in your parent’s health care and they will need a considerable amount of support, assistance, and care throughout their recovery period. An elderly home care services provider can be with your parent in the time leading up to the surgery as well as after to help them to prepare for their procedure and then to give them what they need to manage their recovery in the best way possible. Even after their recovery, an elder care provider can help your senior make the most of their life, helping them to make good lifestyle choices, remain compliant with their medications and treatments through customized reminders, and giving them the emotional support and encouragement necessary to continue living an engaged, fulfilling quality of life. When it comes to their milestones, this care provider can help your parent recognize these milestones and what they need to do to reach them, as well as monitor their condition to let you know how they are progressing in these goals.

If you or an aging loved one are considering elder care in Aventura, FL, please contact the caring staff at Alternative Home Health Care today. Call (954) 622-0588.


Zachary Desmond, Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator at Alternative Home Health Care
Zach Desmond began working with Alternative Home Health Care in September of 2013. In his role as Executive Administrator (EA), Zach is responsible for the overall direction of the organization and high level strategy that aligns with the company’s overall mission, vision, and values.

Zach brings to Alternative 10 years of healthcare operations, sales, finance, and “turn around” experience, having led multiple home health care locations across five states to profitability and sustainability. His history of improving customer service, work flow design, and operational efficiencies along with bottom line profitability has earned him awards and recognition a top performer. Zach realized early on in his career that he felt a true connection to caring for those who need help and ensuring they received the highest quality of care available.

Zach received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Zach resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, three dogs, one cat and stays very involved in his local community.

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