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Celebrating the New Chapter in Your Parent’s Life on International Day of Older Persons

Elderly Care in Miami FL

October 1 is International Day of Older Persons. This is a fantastic time for you to celebrate this new chapter in your parent’s life and show them that getting older can be something to truly look forward to. As a family caregiver you can make a tremendous difference in how your aging parent perceives the later years of their life, and by focusing on all of the wonderful things about thisElderly-Care-in-Miami-FL time in their life, you can help to reduce depression and anxiety, encourage activity and engagement, and improve overall quality of life while also bringing greater meaning to your care journey with your parent.


Let these ideas inspire you to celebrate your aging parent’s new chapter on International Day of Older Persons:

  • Build a family tree. Your parent might feel like just one person, isolated from the rest of the community and inconsequential to anyone. Work with them to create a family tree that will help them to see that they are part of something much larger than themselves. By showing them their children, their grandchildren, and even beyond, you can show them that they have truly made an impact on the world around them.
  • Talk about what they have learned. Show your aging parent that with their years has come wisdom and knowledge. Talk to them about the things that they have learned and experienced over the year, and what they are able to do. Emphasize how all of their years of life have given them perspective, understanding, and wisdom that younger people do not have, and that they can just keep learning and growing throughout the rest of their life.
  • Make some goals. Your parent is in a fantastic time in their life. They are no longer working, do not have children to raise, and have your support and encouragement. This is the time when they can pursue activities that they always wanted to try or experiences that they have always wanted to have. Talk about these things with them and make some goals for what they would like to do as they age in place. This can be as simple as learning how to work a computer or as elaborate as an extended vacation. Dreaming together will bond you and keep your parent’s mind active and engaged.


One of the best ways that you can celebrate this new chapter in your parent’s life now and into the future is to start home care for them. This may seem like a way that you would be withdrawing from your care responsibilities for your parent, or limiting them even further by forcing excessive care on them. That, however, is not the case. An in-home senior care services provider can be a way for your parent to live a more active, engaged, and fulfilling lifestyle and enable you to focus more on the quality of your parent-child relationship as they age in place. This means that they will get a personalized approach to their care and assistance that is tailored to them as an individual, enabling them to live a healthy, happy, safe, and independent quality of life throughout their later years.


If you or an aging loved one are considering elderly care in Miami, FL, please contact the caring staff at Alternative Home Health Care today. Call (954) 622-0588.

Zachary Desmond, Executive Administrator

Executive Administrator at Alternative Home Health Care
Zach Desmond began working with Alternative Home Health Care in September of 2013. In his role as Executive Administrator (EA), Zach is responsible for the overall direction of the organization and high level strategy that aligns with the company’s overall mission, vision, and values.

Zach brings to Alternative 10 years of healthcare operations, sales, finance, and “turn around” experience, having led multiple home health care locations across five states to profitability and sustainability. His history of improving customer service, work flow design, and operational efficiencies along with bottom line profitability has earned him awards and recognition a top performer. Zach realized early on in his career that he felt a true connection to caring for those who need help and ensuring they received the highest quality of care available.

Zach received his Bachelor of Science in Political Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Zach resides in Fort Lauderdale with his wife, three dogs, one cat and stays very involved in his local community.

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