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Hurricane Season is Here Again

By Zach Desmond, Excecutive Administrator

It  is  hard  to  believe  the  2016  hurricane  season  is approaching, but as Florida residents we must always proactively prepare.

The 2016 Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be the most active since 2012, according to a forecast released by The Weather Company’s Professional Division. The Weather Company is calling for 14 named storms, eight hurricanes  and  three  major  hurricanes  are  forecast during the coming season.

If you live in a low lying area, you should have a well thought out hurricane preparedness plan. Are you living in a low lying area? Take a peek at your driver’s license; if it was issued by the State of Florida, then the answer is yes, you live in a low lying area. In all seriousness though, take the time to read these top 10 tips for storm season preparation. You may even want to cut out the enclosed preparedness checklist and take it shopping with you or maybe share it with a friend.

STOCK UP ON GAS CANS: Leave them empty most of the time, but fill them when a storm is approaching. Gas stations only fill approved gas containers.

PLAN FOR PHONE OUTAGES: Cell phones and traditional phones may not work following a storm. Develop a way for co-workers and family to contact you if you have no phone. Let your loved ones know your plan.

CASH ON HAND: Have an adequate supply of cash on you to get you and your family through seven days or more. Banks will be closed and ATM machines may be out of money. You will need cash for gas and other essentials.

ADEQUATE MEDICAL SUPPLIES: If you use oxygen, adult diapers, or any other item of diminishing supply, have at least a seven-day supply on hand. In the event of a hurricane, your normal supplier may not be able to re-open or provide your necessary items.

CONSIDER A SPECIAL NEEDS SHELTER: If you have medical needs that require the assistance of another person, consider a special needs shelter. You must enroll now.

In Broward: Call 954.831.3902 or visit:

In Miami-Dade: Call 305.513.7700 or visit:

In Palm Beach: Call 561.712.6400 or visit:

LOCATE  THE  CLOSEST  GENERAL  SHELTER:  If your home is damaged you may have no choice but to seek refuge in a shelter. You can save yourself a lot of grief if you know where to go ahead of time.

BACK UP COMPUTERS: One of the most valuable tools we have is our computer. Be sure to back it up and unplug it as the storm approaches. An ounce of prevention can save you a ton of aggravation later.

REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER MANAGEMENT: Eat it or lose it! Modestly stock your refrigerator and freezer during hurricane season. Having a large portable cooler ready can also come in handy.

PETS NEED LOVE TOO: Have an adequate supply of pet food on hand. Make sure that all animals have some sort of identification.

RUN A LOAD OR TWO OF LAUNDRY: A good supply of clean clothes can make you more comfortable in the aftermath of a storm.  Remember, there’s no better feeling than clean clothes after that cold shower!

We hope you never need to use this information, but we are providing it to you as a courtesy.

Do yourself a favor: prepare early this year!

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