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Mother and Daughters Working Together

Alternative Home Health Care shines the spotlight on a special family who share passion for caregiving

When it comes to caring for others, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree for Alternative Home Health Care’s hardworking mother-daughter trio, Olive Gonzalez, Vernesta Knight and Shasona Gonzalez.  All three women share a passion for helping people and an unwavering work ethic worthy of praise.  This Mother’s Day, Alternative salutes Olive Gonzalez for her tireless work as a caregiver and for raising two extraordinary daughters who are following in her footsteps.

Originally from St. Catherine, Jamaica, Olive followed her eldest daughter, Vernesta, to the United States, where she began a career in the home health care industry.  Early on she urged her eldest daughter to follow in her footsteps and seek employment with the company. Vernesta heeded her mother’s advice and has been with Alternative for over 10 years now.  Olive will be celebrating her 13th year with Alternative in June and says she has no plans to retire any time soon.  Her youngest daughter, Shasona, joined the team last year.

When asked about their lengthy tenure at Alternative, Vernesta began by praising the company’s employee-friendly work culture and the benefits of full-time employee status, which are not commonplace in an industry where independent contractors are the norm.  In Olive’s words, “many agencies are unfriendly and unsupportive, but at Alternative, you can call and talk to management and receive the help you need.”

Among one of the many benefits of working for the same agency is the opportunity to see each other more often than most families.  Vernesta and Olive both work for clients at a local assisted living facility and often run into each other there.

The family’s close-knit relationship extends beyond work as well.  In an era where family is often scattered across long distances, these three women live in the same condominium complex and see one another often. Olive and Vernesta help Shasona with caring for her children when needed, and they both speak proudly of her aspirations to advance her education and one day work in the field of obstetrics.

Olive, who is a breast cancer survivor, has a kind-hearted, warm demeanor and when asked about Mother’s Day plans, she giggled, “It’s a secret.”  Vernesta said she has plans to cook up a storm for her beloved mother, whom she described as being “her mom and her dad rolled into one” since her father’s passing.

Vernesta added, “My mom has been such a help to me, even going so far as to pick up shifts for me when I’ve traveled to Jamaica on vacation. I love my mother dearly because she is extremely hard-working and she is a survivor.  Her example has taught us the necessary skills to lead a successful life.”

It’s beautiful to see such a close-knit family bond between these three warm and talented Alternative employees. We wish them and all of our clients and families a very Happy Mother’s Day!





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