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Consider using Alternative Home Health Care when a loved one:

  • Loses their spouse of many years.
  • Stops driving or loses a person who used to drive them places.
  • Was a well person who lives alone, and has just had an injury or illness which has “set them back”.
  • Cares for their spouse, and may just need a break.
  • Expresses anxiety about being alone at night.
  • Has dizziness or falls.
  • Has weight loss, and expresses a diminished desire to eat.
  • Encounters diminished eyesight.
  • Exhibits a decline in hygiene.
  • Has confusion or dementia.
  • Is non-compliant with medications.
  • Is considering a move.
  • Has difficulty ambulating.
  • Is incontinent.
  • Is depressed.
  • Is discharged from rehabilitation.
  • Needs primary caregiver assistance.

If you feel you or a loved one may benefit from some additional help in the home, don’t hesitate to call today for a free in home health care assessment.

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