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Workers Compensation

Workers Compensation covers expenses for injury of employee while on the job. As an employee, your employer is required to cover the entire cost of this tax. As an Independent Contractor, you are not covered by workers compensation. Should you be injured on the job, it is your responsibility or the client’s responsibility to cover your medical expenses and time off from work.

RN Supervision

Alternative provides its caregivers with a workplace designed to expand professional skills and facilitate experience in an environment rich in diversity.

Our Director of Clinical Services, as well as our team of Registered Nurses serve as invaluable resources to all caregivers, clients, and their families. Whether it’s conducting on-site supervisory visits, enhancing caregiver skills through one-on-one training, or merely providing an empathetic ear, you’re never alone.

Employee Benefits

We strive to make our company a positive and rewarding workplace, and to this end, we constantly examine the programs and incentives we provide our employees. All employees who consistently work for us one year or more are eligible, and strongly encouraged, to participate in the Company’s 401(k) retirement plan and our health and dental insurance.

Additionally, we have employee incentive programs which recognizes our employees longevity with our company and their performance. Each year we enhance our employee programs to reward our team with meaningful admiration.

Are You Protected?

Today’s caregiver is faced with three options of work status when providing home health care: W2 employee, independent contractor or private duty. Our agency employs only W2 employees. From the beginning, we have chosen the employee model because we believe that both the caregiver and the client should be afforded the protection associated with employee status. 

As an Alternative Home Health employee, you can have peace of mind in knowing that all appropriate taxes are being paid and you are covered by workers compensation and professional liability insurance.


FICA Tax is Social Security contributions for the Employee. This allows the employee to later retire and be eligible to receive Social Security and Medicare. As an employee of Alternative, the cost of this tax is shared by the company and the employee, each paying a portion. An Independent Contractor is required to pay 100% of the cost of this tax leaving you in some occasions with a sizeable payment come tax season.

Unemployment Tax

Unemployment Tax provides a weekly wage replacement if the employee becomes unemployed. As an employee of Alternative, we pay 100% of the cost of this tax. As an Independent Contractor, you are not covered by this protection.

Federal Tax

Federal Tax is income taxes on all wages. As an Alternative employee, we withhold the taxes and pay to the government. As an Independent Contractor, it is your responsibility to file the necessary quarterly paperwork with the IRS and pay all taxes.

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